About me

My name is Peter Gray, and I am a photographer living in Canberra, Australia. I specialise in Events, but can't help but shoot landscapes, stars, portraits, and my family (and dog), just for the love of it. 

I am available for bookings - please contact me through my Contact page

I have always considered myself as bit of a tool... Though more like a Leatherman than a hammer. I realised early on in my life that I could do most things that I set my mind to - as long as I put in the time, I would get the results.

In my youth I studied Graphic Design and then Fine Arts, which led to a career creating things - websites, graphics, videos, music - my insatiable drive to create things has led me down many paths - including driving the world's steepest train and the cable car in Katoomba. 

I have worked professionally as a Web & Graphic Designer since the web began - I created the first fully accessible website for the Council of the Aged; designed the Australian Citizenship Test; Canberra Connect; and created many other websites and intranets for organisations both national and local. 

I am now also a User Experience consultant - my aim is to make the world a better place, one less click at a time.

And that seems to be the perfect counterpoint to my career as a photographer, and a perfect summation of me...